I Teach Yoga.

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"I teach yoga. I call it Hatha as it gives me some flexibility when I teach but I really approach it from a "middle of the road" kind of place so it is applicable to everyone I work with. To me, yoga is for wellness and for learning to let go and also learning to focus and get into the intricacies of the body with full, complete presence on the mat. 

I often have yoga teachers as well as newbies in my classes. I teach at a steady pace and love taking students deep into asana and meditation (body and mind). I share what I can with my trainees to hopefully help them to develop a more meaningful way of practicing and living. For me in the end, life is about love. Yoga is for feeling good and exploring to whatever degree you feel ready to. There is no pressure. Just stay humble, keep a good attitude and enjoy learning. It truly is a life long journey, why not savor instead of rush...."