Our Classes


OPEN UP, Wednesday at 8:30am

Intuitive and eclectic, Suzanne's hatha yoga classes are informed by more than 20 years of practice across disciplines and influences; sure to open your body and your mind. 

YIN YOGA & MEDITATION, Monday at 8:30am

Long relaxed holds with the help of props help you gain mobility and relax deeply. Class ends with a simple,  guided meditation. 


A gentle Iyengar-inspired practice with props and sustained postures to achieve complete relaxation and refreshment. 

ON THE ROPES, Saturday at 9:30am

The alignment and support of ropes on the wall allow you to deepen your stretch, more fully release your muscles, and even hang upside down in this classic Iyengar practice. 


READY FOR ANYTHING, Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30am

Make yoga work for you as you get to know your body’s inherent strength and intelligence. Robin offers an optimistic and insightful practice focused on functional movement, playful sequences, integration of breath and body awareness. Move well, get curious, and be ready for anything. 

MY TIME, Thursday at 7pm

Put aside the worries and stresses of the day with a soulful nighttime practice to celebrate and center your body and mind.  Expect to begin with a well-balanced and energetic flow of asana and end with a sequence to calm, center, and relax yourself completely.

SURUKA SUNDAY, Sunday at 9:30am

Suruka means “beautiful brightness” in Sanskrit and this practice encourages brightness of mind and body through an energetic blend of vinyasa, hip and shoulder openers, balancing postures, and clarifying breathing practices.