Our Classes

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IYENGAR INSPIRED FLOW, Mondays & Wednesdays at 8:30-9:45am

Her classes are informed by coming onto 3 decades of practice and teaching. She is a Yoga Alliance teacher trainer who certifies instructors. She draws all forms of practice to take her students deep and safely into their bodies. No 2 classes are alike, as she comes at the practice as she sees students can best benefit, based on what she sees as her students practice. Her background is in Iyengar, ashtanga, vinyasa, Kundalini, hatha and Forrest yoga. Suzanne regularly weaves in pranayama, meditation, NLP and yoga philosophy throughout her sessions, which makes each practice unique and insightful. She helps students understand the practice as a whole practice, and as a lifestyle.  

Suzanne’s weekly classes are appreciated by beginners, seasoned practitioners, and trained yoga instructors.  Everyone is welcome and respected by Suzanne and every student is treated as an individual.  

Depending on what is being covered in class, props are often used and the yoga wall with ropes is often used for deepening and understanding poses more concisely. Over time, you will attain a beautiful, grounded, well - executed practice.  

Iyengar Inspired Restorative Practice, Friday 8:30- 9:45am

This weekly restorative practice is to help recover your energy and health through long, relaxing holds. Poses are often supported with blocks, rolled up blankets and bolsters to help you relax deeply into a posture and to allow for the deepest of release of your body and your mind. We work on the systems of the body in this practice to help with hormone balance, posture issues of the shoulders, hips and neck. We work on breathing throughout the session and listen to soothing music. By the end of this session, you will feel refreshed, grounded and nurtured.

ON THE ROPES, Saturday 9:30-11am

The alignment and support of ropes on the wall allow you to deepen your stretch, more fully release your muscles, and even hang upside down in this classic Iyengar practice. 

Suzanne is a servant to humanity and her mission is to serve her students. well.



READY FOR ANYTHING, Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-9:45am

Make yoga work for you as you get to know your body’s inherent strength and intelligence. Robin offers an optimistic and insightful practice focused on functional movement, playful sequences, integration of breath and body awareness. Move well, get curious, and be ready for anything. 

MY TIME, Wednesday 7- 8:30pm

Put aside the worries and stresses of the day with a soulful nighttime practice to celebrate and center your body and mind.  Expect to begin with a well-balanced and energetic flow of asana and end with a sequence to calm, center, and relax yourself completely.

SURUKA SUNDAY, Sunday 9:30-11am

Suruka means “beautiful brightness” in Sanskrit and this practice encourages brightness of mind and body through an energetic blend of vinyasa, hip and shoulder openers, balancing postures, and clarifying breathing practices.