Jiva Studio

Jiva: The immortal essence of the soul. Life beyond the physical body. Any living being imbued with life force. 

Opened with love on the auspicious day of

April 21st , 2017


We humbly present to you: Jiva Studio. This studio, safe haven, living altar, loving sanctuary is dedicated to the uplifting of humanity, global consciousness, built out of love. 

We invite all who want to learn traditional yoga and philosophy to come and join us for classes which will serve your highest self and encourage you to develop on all levels of your being: emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. We are all here to serve you and look forward to watching you grow brighter, stronger, healthier and happier. 

This is our wish for all of humanity: Peace, harmony and happiness. 


Original Saigon Yoga Logo


Established in 2003

Southern California native / yogi Suzanne Vian moved to Saigon to follow her dream of living abroad. Shortly after she arrived in Vietnam, she founded Saigon Yoga studio on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, which became globally recognized. The studio was a source of love and light for many, and was responsible for putting yoga in Vietnam on the map.

Saigon Yoga was home to many yogis traveling to HCMC from abroad, local practitioners and people of all ages, from all walks of life.

Since the closure of Saigon Yoga, Suzanne has had non stop requests from students to open another studio. Suzanne has resisted for several years but feels clear now the time has come to open sacred space for the people of Saigon.

With much love and goodwill, she invites you to come, get quiet, go within and explore the depth of your mind and heal your body in safe space.

"Jiva Studio is a blessing and I look forward to sharing with the Saigon community

Namaste, Suzanne"