"My most favorite teacher in the world."  - Ivar Schout, Sweden


We loooooooooovvvvvvee Suzanne. She MADE Saigon for us and we freakin' love her. She is an Angel and introduced Achie to yoga (which has changed his life) and we thank ourselves every daythat we met her. We are so happy that you've met our bonkers soul sista. She spreads the word Like no one else. One of the best chapters of our lives. Big love and peace from the east. Xxx" - Alice & Archie Keswick, UK

"This 200- Hour YTT - Amazing program, excellent teachers, beautiful classmates, and an absolutely fantastic experience- Honestly the best thing I've ever done for myself, I'd recommend this program to anyone. I learned so much from Suzanne- it was the perfect beginning to a new path."
~ Sarah M Patterson, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, USA

"Hi Suzanne, I just finished my practice and am reading a yoga book. It is raining heavily right now and  I am thinking of you. I miss my days training with you very much! Wishing to have the chance to join you again. With love, miss your hugs!" 

~Loan Nguyen, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Vietnam

“Suzanne, I miss our sessions together! I loved every bit of the course. It has exceeded my expectations, and I gained much more then I expected. It was a life changing experience and I am grateful I had chance to do yoga teacher training with you. It was challenging and at the same time rewarding on all levels of functioning :) emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological :) I will remember forever to breathe and let go. Thank you so much! Love, Nina”, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Serbia

“Suzanne, I really miss your classes and beautiful environment!!!"  
~Genevieve, South Africa

"I am so grateful for your workshop. I had dropped out of my yoga class in Japan several times because of my stiff hip joints. But this time, I could do some postures which I had not been able before at all. I was very happy to keep my postures. This is a first experience for me. Today I feel my warm blood is circulating at the edge of my body. Thank you!" ~ Dr. Y, Japan

"[What I learned] gives me hope to face my daily challenges in life. I am thankful I listened to my inner gut to do the training- it helped me to understand many things; the surroundings, other people, my family and especially myself, my ego... I am truly blessed with the life i have now, and I thank Suzanne for everyday enlightenment she's given us and to my classmates who shared their lives in the class. Thank you thank you!"
~Geraldine, Philippines

"Suz, are such a gentle and loving human being. 
I feel very honored to be your student. Love you... "   ~ Anu, UK

"I hope to make it to your classes again one day, I enjoy them immensely."  ~ Larissa, Australia

“Suzanne, your ability to teach is outstanding. I rate your training a 5 out of 5. You are so supportive, which is something you don’t find in a lot of training programs. The only advice I would give is to teach more and more people. People need this.  The transformation I see and feel in myself is amazing, I can’t even recognize myself.  Your yoga certification training is one of the best things I have done for myself and I am so thankful I did it with you. Namaste!” ~ Evin Pinar Butt, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Turkey


“Suzanne is fully dedicated to her students, 
is a good listener and amazing pedagogical teacher.”  ~ Pascaline Emms Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, France

"You are so valuable to everyone."  
~ Susan Ames, USA

"I invited Suzanne to run her Kids Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 at my school. She gave us inspiration as well as practical teaching ideas and cues. I would recommend Suzanne to any organization wanting to increase their understanding of yoga, as well as positive, mindful practices." ~ Andrew Dutton, United Nations International School, Hanoi

"I took my Yoga Alliance 200 hour Teacher Training with Suzanne Vian in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. Suzanne is a gifted teacher, who brings warmth, humor and common sense to her classes. Thanks to decades of experience, Suzanne seems to have an almost intuitive grasp of what her students need in order to improve and thrive. Unlike many talented yogis, she never shows off and keeps the focus of her classes firmly upon her students and their safety. If you have injuries or physical limitations or wish to teach those who do, Suzanne is an excellent choice of teacher, for her classes are both challenging and accessible."  ~ Elka Ray, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Canada

"I miss you and your lovely yoga classes and your retreat was a life-changing experience for me . . . . thank you."  ~ Corrine, USA

“Your Teacher Training course made a lot of things clear to me. I want a job focusing on healthcare. The Life Bright course content, postures, and ways to practice for health, were exactly what I wanted to learn more about. Thank you for accepting me into your program. The training was great and taught me far more than I ever hoped to learn." ~ Barbara Cimpa, Teacher Training Graduate, Germany

"I just wanted to thank you for this great workshop yesterday. I feel so much better. I have a cold more or less since August which I can't rid of - and last evening even my husband realized that my breathing is much better than it was the last weeks. It is like a miracle for me!"  
~ Christel, France

"I wanted to email after the Sunday Restorative Yoga Class Vietnam that you held a few weeks back and let you know how much I enjoyed it! I was a bit worried about two hours of yoga, but in the end I didn't want it to end. It was so well taught and extremely informative. Thanks again and I look forward to attending again!"   ~ Lori, USA

"Studying with Suzanne was life-changing experience" ~ Agnes, Hungary  


"While my time in Saigon, I had the great opportunity to meet this amazing soul, devoted teacher, wonderful woman and desirable mother who I bet every kid would love to have!! I was trained to the 200- Hour YTT and I had the best time in all the almost 2 years spent in Saigon! She teaches the structure with a special attention in details, she can pass the passion she has through her experience! She can share all her knowledge and feelings as the best friend ever! 
She could be defined by me the guru of my yoga, for a life time! She will be always in a special place in my heart." ~ Silvia Shiva, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Italy

"Suzanne is one of the most thoughtful and encouraging yoga teachers I have ever worked with. Further, you are never put off  by her years of experience on the mat as she is a humble practitioner and keeps her focus solely on her students. She offers her students a well rounded, safe approach to yoga. Anyone wanting to simply learn more about yoga or who is thinking about becoming a yoga teacher would do well in this course, as her training is outstanding for any level."  
~ Amy Moyers, USA

"Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and I met beautiful people during the yoga teacher training! 
Thank you, Suzanne ;-)"
~ Sachiko,  Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Japan

"The yoga teacher training was an amazing personal development experience for me. Thanks for providing all your expertise. The great thing about the 200 hour yoga certification training is that you taught from your heart. I felt it deeply. You are deeply caring, encouraging, “and totally empath” with the group, visually and in physical synchronization." "You are a fabulous teacher, teaching with consciousness and love. Looking forward to see you soon."
~ Pascaline Emms, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, France

"Suzanne, thank you so much for your patience and dedication. 
You are my greatest yoga teacher so far!"  ~ Audrea, Singapore

"I think about you often and am tremendously grateful for the
doors you have opened and the inspiration you are!!!"  ~ Annie, Maldives

"Your classes are always very well balanced and somehow they always seem to fit exactly what I need at that very moment."   ~ Maggie, UK

"Suzanne- this world needs more people like you." ~ Melvin Fong, Singapore

"Suz... You teach Bruce Lee Yoga."  
~ Carol Beaudin, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate, Canada

"I am really glad that we finally met. 
Its a huge gift to have you in our community!" ~ Annie, Switzerland

"Thanks again for the yoga workshop yesterday.  
I don't remember sleeping as well as I did last night in a long time."
~ Sepi, USA