Suzanne Vian, E-RYT500, YACEP, RCYT

Jiva Yoga Studio’s Founder and leader of humanitarian efforts. Suzanne was voted “One of Asia’s Top Teachers” (Asia Spa Magazine) and is referred to as the "Pioneer of Yoga in Vietnam”. Her original school “Saigon Yoga”, opened it’s doors in 2003 and was the home to hundreds of local and international practitioners, putting high quality yoga education in Vietnam on global the map. She encourages students’ devotion in practice and self understanding. Her desire for more wisdom, understanding and right attitude guide her and strengthen her as a student, mother and teacher every day.

Born and raised in Southern California outside of Los Angeles, her teaching is informed by nearly 3 decades of practice and teaching with the world’s best. Suz is a seasoned Yoga Alliance teacher trainer with over 40 Yoga Alliance trainings for adults and kids under her belt. She certifies and encourages practitioners and aspiring instructors by drawing on all forms of practice and life’s lessons, taking her students deeper into their bodies and minds. Her background is in Iyengar, ashtanga, vinyasa, Kundalini, hatha and Forrest yoga.

A student of the great philosophers (Socrates, Sartre, Patanjali, The Baghdad Gita) from the age of 13 and practitioner of NLP and yoga since the 90’s, she weaves these insights throughout her sessions. Suz has so much experience and great insight for helping students who she sees as so unique. Spend some time with her and you will walk away with beautifully grounded, well - executed practice, not to mention more self love and gratitude.

Robin Shepard, E-RYT200, RYT500, RCYT

Robin is a from Portland, Oregon and has been practicing and teaching for nearly 3 decades. Jiva’s wise “diplomat” took her first yoga teacher training with Suzanne and has continued her journey as a curious and dedicated student. She steadily continues to acquire knowledge from various teachers and resources. Robin is highly intelligent, mature and articulate in ways of mind, body and speech, making her a gifted instructor who we refer to as “salt of the earth”. Robin teaches adults and kids in interesting, creative ways.

Working with adult bodies is an area of great fascination for her. Robin connects with students from a centered and soulful place, stemming from her own committed practice, profound knowledge due to many years of experience and with deep respect for each student she works with.

This beautiful soul and loving person / mother of 2 has a special focus in Children’s Yoga and enjoys teaching the young and the young-at-heart. She was a preschool teacher and program leader for seven years in an international school environment, teaching both mainstream and special needs children.

With the wealth of practical classroom knowledge and experience she brings to her children’s yoga classes, Robin’s goal is to inspire curious, confident, and creative kids.

Gemma Williams RYT200

Gemma has been practicing yoga for 9 years and is a graduate of the Yoga for Wellness Teacher Training with Suzanne.. She has relied on yoga to keep her body and mind healthy, she found this especially important during her pregnancy. Helping others to achieve their goals gives her an amazing feeling, this is why she went into teaching in the first place. After teaching Maths and leading a department for 9 years she decided that her next challenge should be helping other achieve peace and wellbeing through yoga. She has been teaching children and teachers at her school since doing her yoga teaching certificate. 

Hayley Heyser, RYT200

Hayley is a dedicated practitioner, gifted graduate of Suzanne’s course and working under the guidance of her teacher. She is from Florida and is a humble, authentic person with a sincere heart and a natural ability to instruct and lead students through concisely taught classes that inspire, challenge and nurture.