Teacher trainer, lead instructor

Jiva Studio Founder 2017, founder of Saigon Yoga in 2003, Suzanne is referred to as the "Pioneer of Yoga in Vietnam"



Robin Shepard

Children's Yoga for Wellness teacher training instructor, curriculum coordinator, instructor of adult and children's yoga 

Robin Shepard is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor with a special focus in Children’s Yoga. She enjoyed teaching the young and the young-at-heart. She was a preschool teacher and program leader for seven years in an international school environment, teaching both mainstream and special needs children. Her goal then and now is to inspire curious, confident, and creative kids and she brings a wealth of practical classroom knowledge and experience to her children’s yoga classes.


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Anco Peeters, OSYT

In Holland I work for a yoga school and teach Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin yoga.

All my life I have practiced a lot of sports, I was gymnastic teacher and spent years of my life as a trainer / coach (swimming, volleyball and Taekwondo). Some 15 years ago, I started practicing Ashtanga yoga. At the time I was sent to yoga by my Taekwondo trainer. He told me that Yoga would be good for my muscles to stretch, and for a better focus.Already after the first lesson I was convinced that yoga would be something for me to practice for the rest of my life. The impact yoga has on both my physical and mental “gear” is huge. My experience is that it makes my head "empty", I concentrate much better and I feel more comfortable in my own body.

By focussing on your breathing while moving your body into different poses – especially when you are getting tired - is a great way to uplift yourself, to learn yourself to not give-up. It helps you to better achieve your goals in life.

I live a hectic life, work as a freelancer, travel a lot and am almost daily preparing various projects. The fact that I often am away also gives me the opportunity to follow yoga classes and workshops all around the world. As a result, I get new insights that I use in my own lessons.

My goal is to help you to listen better to your own body and breathing. This way you increase your self-esteem, get more peace into your head and to build self-confidence and better balance in your daily life.

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Sarah Patterson

YTT Instructor, Ayurvedic Health Couselor, Yoga Therapist, RYT500, E-RYT200
Sarah's love and enthusiasm for sharing the transformative practices of Yoga and Ayurveda stem from her own experience with illness. Though she first started practicing yoga in 2006, it wasn't until later when illness left her so weak she could barely walk for a minute without taking a break, that she really started progressing in her own practice. Daily Yoga and Ayurvedic practices allowed her to manage what was diagnosed as a chronic illness, normally managed with multiple medications and an array of side-effects, completely medication and side-effect free...and thus began her love affair with these intuitive sciences. Understanding the healing potential within Yoga and Ayurveda, she knew that she wanted to help others discover how life-changing these ancient healing practices can be, and has now dedicated herself to spreading their wisdom. 

You can read more about Sarah and the services she provides on her website, and her Ayurvedic Health & Food blog