Teacher trainer, lead instructor

Jiva Studio Founder 2017, founder of Saigon Yoga in 2003, Suzanne is referred to as the "Pioneer of Yoga in Vietnam"



Robin Shepard

Children's Yoga for Wellness teacher training instructor, curriculum coordinator, instructor of adult and children's yoga 

Robin Shepard is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor with a special focus in Children’s Yoga. She enjoyed teaching the young and the young-at-heart. She was a preschool teacher and program leader for seven years in an international school environment, teaching both mainstream and special needs children. Her goal then and now is to inspire curious, confident, and creative kids and she brings a wealth of practical classroom knowledge and experience to her children’s yoga classes.



Angelita Steiger

Jiva Studio instructor

I am a certified E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance instructor. With an extensive background in dance and fitness I believe that in nowadays lifestyle and trough our whole life it is important to feel connected with our body. Yoga is a great opportunity to build the relationship and connection between body, the mind and the breath. I started teaching professionally in 2016,  focusing on Postnatal Yoga, which has given me the opportunity to develop my autentic, non-judgmental style of teaching. Focusing on the correct alignment of my students, preventing injuries by understanding each individual needs and the anatomy of the body, I deepen and strenghten my students practice with every lesson. My Yoga classes encourage the growth of the physical and spiritual self of each student – both on and off the mat. 


Danielle Gavish 

Jiva Studio Children's Yoga for Wellness instructor

Bio - coming soon, right Danielle? :)

We LOVE this gorgeous girl! Send your kids in to take classes with her, she is an AMAZING human being and a beautiful soul.



Hieu K. Nguyen

Jiva Studio instructor

My name is Hieu. I was born in Hanoi but spent my adolescent years in Poland and the States. A journey of self-inquiry and discovery brought me back to Vietnam over 4 years ago, just another soul on a path.

The practice of yoga, to me, is like a walk into nature - my own nature. A balanced practice of meditation, pranayama and asanas can bridge gaps and connect or reconnect us to our bodies, minds and souls. This walk within is the beginning of many meaningful journeys to come. With the idea of “less is more”, my focus is bringing myself and yogis back to basics, connecting breaths and movements, and taking the time to enjoy our practice.

Having trained with Suzanne, I am all for ‘yoga for wellness’ and would like to dedicate my practice to your well-being and the healing, restorative nature of this very idea. Imagine your life fully lived in contemplation of simple things, making each moment counts with one breath at a time.



Lisa Rosselat

Jiva Studio instructor

Lisa is a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor with specialized training in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga. A dedicated practitioner for over 10 years, Lisa blends her years of yoga experience, teacher training and her own personal journey to provide students with a unique class experience. 

Lisa teaches Flow Yoga at Jiva and provides modifications and appropriate poses, helping students build confidence, stamina and a steady, calm mind for their journey through life.

Hailing from Canada, Lisa lives in District 2 with her husband and little yogini, Nora