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Robin Shepard

Robin Shepard is a certified Yoga Alliance instructor with a special focus in Children’s Yoga. She enjoyed teaching the young and the young-at-heart. She was a preschool teacher and program leader for seven years in an international school environment, teaching both mainstream and special needs children. Her goal then and now is to inspire curious, confident, and creative kids and she brings a wealth of practical classroom knowledge and experience to her children’s yoga classes.

For anyone who has not attended a children’s yoga class, they are very different from the adult experience. They tend to be more playful, experiential, sensory-based, and chaotic in a good way. The children haveinput into the flow and direction of the class and this allows them to really “go with it”, deeply immersing themselves in movement and imagination. While each age group has specific developmental needs and different approaches, the goal is always to address the whole child. For Pre-K, the focus is on building body awareness though discovery, music & movement, and repetition most often anchored in songs, games, and story books. For Primary aged kids, the focus is on building breath and body awareness through imaginative adventures, story telling and celebrating strong bodies and minds through challenges and games. For Preteens, the focus is on exploring who they are and who they are becoming through personal expression, physical postures, breathing, and mindfulness practices.

At the same time, Robin also enjoys teaching yoga to grown-ups. As a long time Ashtanga yoga practitioner, Robin has personally seen and felt the difference that a regular yoga practice can make in a person’s life. Her classes combine vinyasa, balance, and core strengthening postures with breath work, strengthening the mind-body connection, and sharing yoga heritage. She sees yoga as a doorway, beginning with asana and progressing from there into meditation and other mindfulness practices. She sees yoga as a doorway to self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-understanding which helps us manage and overcome some of the hazards of the modern world. She hopes you will walk through that doorway with her.


Angelita Steiger

I am a certified E-RYT200 Yoga Alliance instructor. With an extensive background in dance and fitness I believe that in nowadays lifestyle and trough our whole life it is important to feel connected with our body. Yoga is a great opportunity to build the relationship and connection between body, the mind and the breath. I started teaching professionally in 2016,  focusing on Postnatal Yoga, which has given me the opportunity to develop my autentic, non-judgmental style of teaching. Focusing on the correct alignment of my students, preventing injuries by understanding each individual needs and the anatomy of the body, I deepen and strenghten my students practice with every lesson. My Yoga classes encourage the growth of the physical and spiritual self of each student – both on and off the mat. 


Christina Eberlin

My name is Christina, I'm from Denmark but has been residing in Asia the past 7 years, currently living in HCMC. I am offering group and private yoga classes for kids and adults of all ages.

Yoga came into my life 8 years ago in Denmark. I was drawn to the sense of calm and joy the practice left me feeling. Soon after yoga became a place for healing and Self-discovery. My aim is to continuously inspire and empower my students. I'm excited to share my knowledge and passion for yoga with you all.   

In 2014 I started teaching at a bilingual kindergarten in HCMC, where I began sharing my passion for yoga with my students. My kids yoga classes are playful and encourage self-expression. Through the practice of asana, breathing techniques, singing and playful yoga games children build positive self-awareness, develop better concentration and strengthen their bodies. It is very important for me that my students have fun and feel comfortable at all time. They are encouraged to ask questions, and express how they are feeling.


Hieu K. Nguyen

My name is Hieu. I was born in Hanoi but spent my adolescent years in Poland and the States. A journey of self-inquiry and discovery brought me back to Vietnam over 4 years ago, just another soul on a path.

The practice of yoga, to me, is like a walk into nature - my own nature. A balanced practice of meditation, pranayama and asanas can bridge gaps and connect or reconnect us to our bodies, minds and souls. This walk within is the beginning of many meaningful journeys to come. With the idea of “less is more”, my focus is bringing myself and yogis back to basics, connecting breaths and movements, and taking the time to enjoy our practice.

Having trained with Suzanne, I am all for ‘yoga for wellness’ and would like to dedicate my practice to your well-being and the healing, restorative nature of this very idea. Imagine your life fully lived in contemplation of simple things, making each moment counts with one breath at a time.


Sarah Patterson

Sarah is a Yoga Alliance instructor who teaches Ayurveda / Iyengar-inspired Hatha Yoga. She is an Ayurveda specialist, has completed over 500hrs of Yoga Teacher Training, and is currently a Yoga Therapy student.  Sarah's first priority in her yoga classes is to facilitate an opportunity for students to experience themselves as a whole being, body, mind, and soul, through the postures of yoga and the practice of mindfulness. In her classes, students will move through a mix of strengthening, lengthening, and balance-building poses, as well as work with the muscle of awareness, and a little self-exploration. She firmly believes that yoga is for everyone, and encourages and guides students in working at their individual levels throughout their practice. 

Sarah's love and enthusiasm for sharing the transformative practices of Yoga and Ayurveda stem from her own experience with illness. Though she first started practicing yoga in 2006, it wasn't until later, when an illness left her so weak and fatigued she could barely walk for a minute without taking a break, that she really started progressing in her own practice. Daily Yoga and Ayurvedic practices allowed her to overcome what was diagnosed as a chronic illness, normally managed with multiple medications and an array of side-effects, completely medication and side-effect free...and thus began her love affair with these intuitive sciences. Understanding the healing powers of Yoga and Ayurveda, she knew that she wanted to help others discover how life-changing these ancient healing practices can be, and has now dedicated herself to spreading their wisdom.  


Lisa Rosselatt

Lisa is a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor with specialized training in Prenatal Yoga. A dedicated practitioner for over 10 years, Lisa blends her years of yoga experience, teacher training and her own personal journey through pregnancy, labour and motherhood to provide students with a unique class experience.

Lisa’s classes focus on supporting women safely through pregnancy and postnatal recovery, encouraging students to nurture mind, body and baby through a joyful practice. She provides modifications and appropriate poses, helping students build confidence, stamina and a steady, calm mind for their journey into motherhood.

Lisa is from Canada, Lisa lives in District 2 with her husband and little yogini, Nora.